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The Saviour Trilogy

Three supernatural mysteries introducing Nick Travis, a forensic artist with a talent that is both a gift and a curse.

Death. Such a noble way to earn a living.
Striving to name the dead found by passers by – unclaimed by family, unmissed by neighbours. The unidentified. Lonely bodies. Homeless souls who walked the streets in life, simply reaching the end of their time and slipping away unseen. Unfortunate victims ripped from life by violence – lost for years but still not forgotten.
It’s a tough job. It’s about to get tougher.

Nick Travis, an American forensic artist, living in the east of England with his British wife, quits his career in an attempt to put his past behind him… except Nick still has a personal mystery to solve and the dead won’t let him off the hook.

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Part 1: Haunted

Part 2: Buried

Part 3: Revelation

All three parts are now available in one volume.

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About Beth Kelan
Author of supernatural mysteries, dark fiction, and horror stories.

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