Saviour ~ Haunted

Saviour: Part 1 – Haunted

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Approx 17,000 words

A romantic weekend in the Lake District is interrupted by a phone call that brings back the nightmares forensic artist, Nick Travis, wanted to put behind him. Helping to identify the remains of a young boy means he risks facing a ghost from his own past. Plagued once again with dreams of his own missing brother, Nick is stalked by the prime suspect for the murder of the boy – a man who has been dead for years.

Nick struggles to keep his sanity, his marriage, and his professional credibility intact while trying to reunite another family; however the puzzle of the child’s identity will remain unsolved… unless Nick surrenders and uses the psychic gift he tries so hard to ignore.


Silence and darkness fell as if a switch had been flipped off, plunging him into gloom. Streetlights flickered into life, picking out oily puddles oozing across the narrow street. A fine drizzle stuck to his skin and the smell of rotting waste rose up to meet him as he walked further down the alley. Where did you go Adam? Where are you, kid?
He drew level with a dark doorway. A rasping cough drew his eyes downward. “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack…” The voice was husky and weak. A hand reached out from the shadows. Vivid scars knitted together a patchwork glove of red-raw and pink skin covering the man’s upturned palm. Nick peered into the darkness, searching for a face while he fumbled through his pockets for change. The beggar hunched forward on his step, shrouded in a heavy grey overcoat, a hoodie pulled low, hiding the face Nick sought. He found some loose coins and leaned down to drop the money into the man’s open hand.
The beggar raised his head. Nick smiled as he looked into familiar blue eyes. Adam. The sudden, sharp pang of excitement stabbing his chest turned to a jolt of horror. The skin surrounding the heart-stopping eyes was blistered and raw, leaving them the only recognisable feature in a ruined face. The reflection of an inferno playing across their surface burned into his mind. The agony pouring from the depths of the dark pupils threatened to overwhelm him. Repelled, flinching from the pain searing through him, Nick fell back. I’m sorry, Adam. I’m so sorry. The hooded man opened his mouth and let rip with a soul-wrenching scream…

Saviour: Part 1 – Haunted is available to buy or to borrow from Amazon

Saviour: Part 2 – Buried

Saviour: Part 3 – Revelation

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