Saviour ~ Revelation

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Saviour: Part 3 – Revelation

Approx 19,000 words

Nick tries to rebuild his life, but retreating to the solitude of a Suffolk forest proves more unnerving than he could ever have imagined. His past follows him, despite being put to rest, and those closest to Nick fall victim to the consequences of his childhood mistake. Is there any way Nick can put right so many wrongs?


Damn weather. Nick Travis shrugged off his leather jacket, dumped it on the back of a chair and dumped himself into the worn, padded shelter of the only booth with both a clear view of the pub door and a window looking out on the main approach to the pub itself. A typical British winter was setting in – dreary, wet and a reminder of the pit his life had slithered into at the start of the year. He lifted his glass and took a long drink. Ice cold, cold enough to cause a dull ache inside as it slipped down his throat. Or was that just dread?
He glanced out of the window to his side at the lake of gravel scattered with islands of murky puddles that was the car park. His focus shifted from beyond the rain spattered glass to the glass itself and he watched raindrops skate down the windowpane, careering, avoiding, and eventually colliding as they rushed towards their end.
A red Ford Mondeo seared into view, slicing through the grey curtain of rain. Nick felt his heartbeat quicken just slightly, his mouth dry. He took another drink, and straightened in his seat. He tried to prepare himself as the car pulled up and parked, tried to think of what to say first as he watched the driver flip off the headlights and clamber out of the car, slamming the door shut as she ran for the pub.

Tessa Travis dashed through the pub door, and stopped a few steps in as an apparently empty room greeted her. He can’t be late. He’s never late. A movement in the corner of the room caught her eye; her husband lifted a hand in acknowledgement. Deep breath, keep it matter of fact… he looks tired. She walked towards his booth and Nick rose to his feet. She realised she was actually holding her breath. The damp weather had encouraged the dark waves Nick tried in vain to tame to spring into unruly life, his brown eyes were as deep and warm as ever, if lacking the spark that occasionally flared to catch people unawares. A sudden picture of the two of them entered her mind, like an old-fashioned home movie. The Lakes. Their last weekend away. Breathless, in the front seat of Nick’s steamed up Toyota, raindrops dripping from her hair, tickling down her throat before Nick kissed them away. A long time ago. A very long time ago.
“Tessa, you’re looking well.”
He was lying. She looked drawn, pale. “You too, Nick.”
“I’ll get you a drink. Juice? Coke? Something stronger…I could drive…”
“I don’t really want anything.” She remembered to breathe again and sank into the seat opposite Nick. She clasped her hands together on the table top. “This is hardly a date after all. Finish your drink and we’ll go ho— back to the house.”
“Will Richard be there?”
“Of course not.”
“Is all my gear in the garage?” Nick ran a hand through his hair and slumped back in his seat, his eyes boring into hers.

Okay, he needn’t have said that, he needn’t have mentioned Richard Jameson at all. They’d moved on. Through one tense meeting and several heated phone conversations they’d moved on. In theory. The fact that he had believed his friend and colleague tried to comfort his wife during a moment of crisis by sleeping with her, even though they both denied it, was water under the bridge. In theory.

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