Saviour: Haunted – Free!

Saviour 1

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If you are not an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscriber, and you want to find out more about Nick Travis,  Saviour: Haunted – part 1 of the trilogy – is available to download free for your Kindle until January 4th 2015.

A romantic weekend in the Lake District is interrupted by a phone call that brings back the nightmares forensic artist, Nick Travis, wanted to put behind him. Helping to identify the remains of a young boy means he risks facing a ghost from his own past. Plagued once again with dreams of his own missing brother, Nick is stalked by the prime suspect for the murder of the boy – a man who has been dead for years.

Nick struggles to keep his sanity, his marriage, and his professional credibility intact while trying to reunite another family; however the puzzle of the child’s identity will remain unsolved… unless Nick surrenders and uses the psychic gift he tries so hard to ignore.

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